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For the ambitious youth of this generation in India, the British Council Library is a goldmine to get information about education, scholarships and other tools such as English Language courses to get you forward in life and in your career.  At the British Council Library there are plenty of books on every subject written in English. But British Council Library is not only about books. A careful and detailed study has been done to redefine what the subscribers of the British Council Library really want and need.

This has resulted in the creation of the virtual library with more than 70000 books along with the large collection of paper books that are also there at all the library centres.  Now British Council Library members can use the internet to access more than 70,000 books from anywhere in the world. There is no need to carry the physical book when travelling; there is no need to wait for a book to be returned in case it has been issued out. Hence now, you can access this treasure trove anytime anywhere.

Each centre of the British Council organizes its own events, workshops and courses depending on the requirement of the members. Hence there are events concerning arts and performing arts and courses related to career enhancement and personality development or if you just wish to improve your English language skills the British Council will assist you to attain your objectives.

With so many facilities and services that will develop so many aspects of your life, there is no reason really not to get the membership of the British Council Library. It is also very cheap at only about Rs. Five a day.  There are many other benefits that members enjoy, such as getting precedence for entry to events, at workshops and courses. Members of the British Council are kept up-to-date with all the happenings that are going on and are expected to happen!. It would really be foolish not to take membership of this great opportunity.

The British Council attracts compatible and companionable people who are on the same wave length. Such a sociable place is a great to network and everyone in this age and time knows the importance of networking. Using all the facilities that British Council offers can give its members an advantage, the value of which cannot be underestimated or undermined. One could only gain by being a member of British Council and using the facilities offered.

British Council Library is located wherever the British Council Centres are located.  The physical books are available in these libraries and like a conventional library, members can borrow books and return them in the stipulated time. However, British Council Library is also available on the internet where members can access thousands of EBooks that are there. Registration is also now possible online where the website allows you to submit the application with the relevant documents. The fees then have to be paid and the person becomes a member and this fantastic Pandora’s box is laid wide open for you. It is as easy as that.

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